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Events in Nevada County

If I have not mentioned before just how fortunate I am to live in such a beautiful part of California, please let me do so now!

Nevada County just about has it all... the river... the mountains... sense of community... and creative and talented indivuals everywhere!

The arts are HUGE in our beautiful Sierra Nevada community. We have some of the most amazing talent come to our little Grass Valley and Nevada City venues which include the Center for the Arts in Grass Valley, The Miner's Foundry Cultural Center and the historic Nevada Theater both located in Nevada City.

Event Photography is really different from portrait or even wedding photography. I have to give up almost all artistic control over the shoot. Lighting, posing, positioning, environment... all of this is completely out of my hands. Still, I find event photography so exiting... I guess I love the challenge!

My Events Gallery section includes some of the great performances I have photographed. I hope you enjoy!

Maggie McKaig of Beaucoup Chapeaux

Maggie McKaig of Beaucoup Chapeaux

Lovely accordion playing lass!

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